Weekend Festivities

Monday closes our weekend off and we are now back at home getting ready for the work week to begin. Thankfully, I have an extra day off to recover from the long weekend.


We spent Saturday afternoon celebrating a first birthday for a friends’ little girl. Unfortunately, I was in such a rush packing up two kids that I completely forgot to take my camera with me. This was literally my only legit photo from the party. The crazy winds kept Shane and I mostly indoors so I hardly got a chance to snap photos at all. Nonetheless, we’re happy we got to celebrate little miss Charlotte turning a year old! The decorations were so beautiful and perfect.


On Sunday, Avery and I met up with a friend for lunch in celebration of her birthday! February was full on birthdays! We ate at the Boiling Crab (sorry, no photos!) and then headed to South Coast Plaza to ride the carousel and do some minor shopping, mostly for Avery. We got a chance to see the displays in honor of the Chinese New Year celebration, the year of the dog. Avery loved all the displays and couldn’t stop staring at all the dog displays.


We ended our visit in Southern California with my husband completing some projects on his car. We’re sad to say good bye to the beautiful Southern California weather, but we are definitely glad to be back home. Til next time!

With love,



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