My “Off” Days

My “off” days may not be what you would typically expect. These are my days off from work, yet it feels like I’m still working. This particular day included taking the kids to their doctor’s appointments, going to my own appointments, and making sure everyone is fed and taken care of. On top of all this, there are still chores to be done around the house.


Well, today was definitely one of those “off” days. I packed up my kids and took Shane in for his sixth month check up. Side note, this boy is currently 6 months and 9 days. He weighs 18.4 lbs (64%-ile) and is measuring 28.25 inches long (95%-ile). Talk about a big baby! The good eating habits are definitely showing.

Back to today’s events.. after Shane’s appointment, I was going to just head back home, but needed to run to the store to get a few items. Shane needed more formula and baby food. Since the Target run was not going to be quick, ‘cuz let’s be real.. Target trips are never quick! I stopped by McDonald’s to get some food for Avery and I. We ate chicken nuggets and fries in the car in the parking lot of Target. I got Avery to eat a few nuggets and then we ventured into Target. Thankfully Shane slept most of the time.

Our Target trip ended up taking up a full hour. By the time we got home, Shane was hungry. So, he got fed and went to sleep. Avery also ate a little more and wanted to sleep, but got sidetracked by watching her iPad and playing with her new toys. Before I knew it, it was time for my appointment. Thankfully, my sister-in-law (who is currently living with us for school) was home, so she helped watched the two kids, while I went for my appointment.

When I finally got back home, Jeffrey was home from work already. I didn’t have time to prepare dinner, since my appointment was at an odd time. So, we decided to just grab dinner and bring it home to eat.

After everyone was fed again, it was time to catch up on some house chores. Dishes needed to be washed. Laundry needed to be washed, dried, folded, and put away. And the entire house basically needed a little pick me up cuz it pretty much wasn’t touched for the past two days since I was working.


To sum things up, my off days aren’t always this busy with appointments and such, but they do consist of a lot of catching up, mostly with laundry and cleaning. Aside from all that, my children’s needs are a priority so if I don’t get to washing the dishes or putting away the laundry, I don’t fret about it. Yes, it does get frustrating at times. Yes, my house is a complete mess most times. And yes, sometimes, I just want to be lazy and lay on the couch and play some games in my phone.

C’est la vie!

It is life! Just gotta go with the flow sometimes. And do what you can. We can’t take control of every aspect of our lives. And we, too, need to take some time and rest a little. Otherwise, we will be living some very miserable lives.


With love,



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