My First Madewell Jeans


I first heard of the Madewell brand from my younger sister. She would carry this cute little brown leather tote bag and every time I saw her carrying it, I would ask her where it was from. Fast forward months, possibly years, later.. the same sister kept raving about how great Madewell jeans are. And finally, today, I got to try some on and bought myself my first pair of Madewell jeans.

The one and only Madewell store in town is a good 20-25 minute drive away from. There are no freeways around that would take me directly to that one store, which means, I will need to take small streets the entire way. So, yesterday, my same sister told me about Madewell’s jean recycle program. You bring in a pair of old jeans and they will give you $20 off a new pair of jeans from their store. Since I’ve been putting off trying their jeans for quite some time now, today was definitely the day to give it a shot.

I dug out an old pair of H&M jeans that had been stored away, walked into the Madewell store and asked the sales associate about their jean recycle program. She happily took my old pair of jeans and asked if I was planning on purchasing a pair of jeans today. I answered her with a “yes,” so she showed me where their jeans were and grabbed a few different washes and rises for me to try on.

I was shopping the the intentions to buy a black pair of skinny jeans. I don’t currently own one at the moment, but I definitely do need to add a pair to my wardrobe. I tried on the pair of 9″ rise black denim jeans the SA picked out. These were a tad snug, but they fit and they were surprisingly quite flattering for my figure.

The next pair of jeans I picked out to try were the 10″ rise drop hem with buttons. As soon as I buttoned these jeans up, I knew I couldn’t leave without buying them. They fit me perfectly and they were so flattering on. I was skeptical about the regular length, given that I’m only 5’2″, but the length hit right at ankles, which wasn’t bad at all.

Needless to say, I ended up buying the jeans with the drop hem. I will feature them on my blog as soon as I get to wear them out. I definitely plan to go back again for a black pair of skinny jeans, but for now, I will sit tight and enjoy my new first pair of Madewell jeans. #denimmadewell

With love always,




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