Review: Heine Diaper Bag

I have been looking for a new diaper recently. I still have my Fawn Design bag, which I love, but the interior design of it has just really been annoying me. Also, I’ve been overpacking it quite and bit and have been putting a lot of stress on the backpack straps of my Fawn Design bag, so I was on the hunt for another diaper bag I can alternate with.

I found this Heine diaper bag backpack on Amazon and liked the way it looked. It went on sale for $18, so I figured I would give it a shot and see how I like it. This bag looked functional without being too big or heavy. Plus, it had a waterproof material in the outside and a nylon interior for easy cleaning or wiping down.

So I packed up the bag with what I typically carry in my Fawn Design. I’m was surprised to see that there wasn’t a whole lot of extra space after I got it all picked up. There was definitely still some room, but it would making reaching for things a little more difficult.

The Heine bag does have some interior pockets. Two on the sides and two on the backside. There are also a few smaller pockets on the flap of the bag.

The exterior had two bottle pockets, a front pocket, a side hidden zipper pocket, and a back zipper pocket. I prefer to put my wallet, phone, and keys in the front pockets for easy access and getting in this bag’s front pocket took me way too long! I hated how inconvenient it was the access it.

The zip pockets on the side and back were pretty useless to me. They didn’t fit anything that was not flat and they didn’t seem very spacious.

After a few tries with this bag, I ended up deciding to return it. I didn’t like how much work it was to access certain things. It wasn’t very convenient for me especially when I was in a rush and I didn’t find a lot of the pockets to be very functional.

The bag looks cute and trendy, but I definitely choose function over looks and I didn’t like it enough to want to keep the bag, unfortunately.

Hope you found this review helpful! I’m still on the hunt for a cute looking diaper bag that’s not going to cost me an arm and a leg. Feel free to share some suggestions!

With love,



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