Parisian Foodies Box

I first heard of Parisian Foodies from a friend and have since then been following them on Instagram. Food box subscriptions have always intrigued me but I didn’t have the best experience with Graze and Nature Box so I didn’t look into anymore after those.

One of the Co-founder of Parisian Foodies sent me a message on Instagram asking me if I wanted a sample box from them to test out. I gladly accepted and within a few days, this cute little pink box of goodies showed up in the mailbox.

It was so exciting indulging in a box full of snacks from Paris! I felt like I got a little glimpse of what it would feel like sitting at a cafe shop sipping on some tea and eating some French pastries.

The Parisian Foodies box came with a lot more snacks than I had expected. There was a good variety of different snacks like Madeline’s, pound cake, Nutella bar, gum, candy, tea, coffee, and chocolate.

The chocolate was definitely Avery’s favorite. She went straight for the two chocolate eggs as soon as we opened the box. She could not have been any happier getting to hold to chocolate eggs in her hands.

I had made some coffee right before opening the Parisian Foodies box. The pound cakes paired very well with my coffee and tasted so good!

I haven’t tried all the little candies that came in the box, but I have enjoyed every bit of it so far. Everything has tasted so good and I’m quite impressed with the quality of everything.

I would definitely recommend Parisian Foodies if you’re looking to try a food subscription for snack boxes. They’re so unique and different from other companies. Plus, you get a little taste of France.

Check them out at and be sure to follow them on Instagram @parisianfoodiesbox

With love,