Real Life, Real Moments

Tonight has been a rough night for me. My husband is away this weekend, which leaves me home alone with the two kids and my sister-in-law, who’s currently staying with us.

I just spent the past two hours trying to put my seven month old son to sleep, which has been quite the fight. He dozed off a few times in my arms and as soon as I put him down in his bed, he up again and crying and wanting to be held and played with and fed again. And to top it off, it’s a quarter til midnight and I’m working tomorrow. He is finally sleeping and now I’m up. Why is this happening right now?

I tried so hard tonight to get things in order. Shane was bathed at 7:30pm. He fell asleep around 8pm, then woke up at 9pm and was looking to play and blow of some energy. Seriously, parents out there, how on earth do you get your children to sleep so early?! Every single time I attempt this, my kids will wake up in an hour or two and want to play.

Avery and I were showered and ready for bed by 9pm, which happens to be the same time Shane decided to wake up. Just great, right?

Excuse my negativity in this post, but I needed a place to vent. A place to share about my very imperfect life.

On a good note, I’m trying to limit Avery’s time spent watching her iPad and get her into different activities. Today, we got her to trace the letters of her name a few times, which she’s been improving on. We also got her some magformers to help challenge her creativity side and encourage her to build.

I hope everyone is having a much better night than me. If not, I completely understand and am right there with you. I’ll be getting off now before it’s too late. It’s officially midnight and I will need to be up again in 5.5 hours for work.

With love til next time,



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