Sunday’s Best

Wanted to share our “Sunday’s best” outfits except now it’s Wednesday. It’s been a busy work week for me, so bear with me. I clocked in four minutes late on Monday because I thought I left my phone at home. I drove back to my house after dropping the kids off at my parents place only to leave empty handed and late for work. Go figure.

Tuesday, I clocked in at 6:59am. I thought my near empty gas tank would be able to get me to work, but after dropping the kiddos off, my meter said “10 miles to empty.” There was no way I would make it to work with that so I hurried along and pumped $20 quickly and drove off to work. And with my luck, I got stuck behind a van of a woman who was applying makeup on while driving. We were not at a red light. We were going close to 40mph on a busy road and I can see right through her car as she drove and applied eyeshadow and mascara. This is unacceptable. This is just as bad or even worst than texting and driving. Do whatever you must do when you’re stopped at a red light, but please keep your eyes on the road while driving.

Today is now Wednesday and it’s been a pretty decent day. I got to work early and got some coffee and a croissant before to going to our morning huddle. I got to show a nursing student around the NICU and let her have some hands on experiences with our stable patients.

Side note, as a registered nurse, I know we can easily get annoyed of being paired with nursing students. And I do try my best to make it a positive experience for my students. I still remember when I was a student and felt so out of place in the different hospitals we had our rotations in. I would hate for a student to leave feeling like they didn’t accomplish anything while in the NICU. Granted that we are a specialized unit, but that’s no excuse for not giving nursing students a good experience. I want to get them involved in the patient care and show them what our roles are as the bedside nurse. Our patients may be stable at the moment, but that’s not a reason for us to slack off in our routine care and safety checks. I came back from my break to a sweet note from the nursing student I mentored today and felt a great sense of accomplishment. She was thanking me for teaching her so much during her four hours with me.

Back to Sunday’s best, I pulled out some older wardrobe pieces I haven’t worn in over a year, maybe going on two years now. After two kids, I have not yet been back to my prepregnancy weight and I’m slowly accepting it. That being said, most of my clothes from 2+ years ago don’t fit me anymore. I’m happy to find a few pieces that I can still manage to wear a little while longer.

With love,



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