Mother’s Day!

This weekend, we celebrate all the mothers out there! You are all the real MVPs and you rock! Keep at it. Stay strong. Hope you all get to relax a little celebrate all the greatness you add to the world by being a mother.

It’s been a busy few weeks for us here, which is why I haven’t gotten a chance to write as much as I’d like to. Over the last few weeks, I got to take some photos with my kiddos for a “Mommy and me” photoshoot. It’s my first time doing a mommy and me photoshoot and I absolutely loved it! The kids cooperated as well with the help of the hubby. I definitely recommend all the mommas out there to have at least one mommy and me photoshoot!

Mother’s Day has been a pretty chill day for me so far. Slept in as much as I could and had a family lunch then headed off to church service. Here I am, blogging away to share some of my pictures from my photoshoot! Enjoy and happy Mother’s Day!

With Love,



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