The Wife/Mom Guilt

Seriously, guys, the wife/mom guilt is so real right now. Especially when you’re working full-time/overtime! I’m riding that train now and it’s not fun. I don’t want to work, I need to work to provide.

I’ve been working extra shifts for our upcoming trip to Seattle cuz who wants to travel without having a little extra cash?!. I know we shouldn’t trade in time with our family for work I don’t exactly have a choice. Money doesn’t grow in trees and bills need to be paid. And I’ll be off off work for almost two weeks! So where is the balance amongst all the business and chaos?

On top of this, it’s graduation season and there are three high school grads in the family! Fortunately, two of the three are from the same school, so that narrows us down to two graduations.

Shane turned 9 months yesterday, which meant another week baby check up! Whoopdeedoo! We switched pediatricians because his original office was just getting too crowded. He’s been teething and had been so clingy these days. I try to make the most of my time when I’m home with him but it’s been so hard!

On top of all this, Avery’s been very emotional and having complete meltdowns over some of the smallest things. Talk about 3 year olds… I know my patience with her has gotten smaller and I hate that it feels like I’m always yelling at her.

All in all, the guilt is so real. And mommas out there, just know that I completely understand and feel you.

Til next time,