A Visit to the Zoo!


Jeffrey usually has Monday’s off, so when I’m also off, we try our best to make it a family day. Avery’s been asking us every week the past month to go to the zoo and we finally got the chance to take her. We also took her cousin, Venice, with us to give her mama some free time to study for an upcoming exam. These girls had a blast!


Getting a photo of these girls both looking at the camera and smiling is pretty much impossible. So, I captured what I could. The zoo was extremely busy today, since the local schools still have today off for spring break.


We tried our best to keep the kids out for as long as possible, but after a good two hours, Jeffrey and I were completely exhausted. Shane came along as well, which kept us even busier than usual since he wanted to be held and included in all the sightseeing.


The African safari section has a pretty good food court, so we had lunch here with the kids. They scarfed down their chicken tenders and fries! Even Shane devoured a few fries himself.


I think Jeff and I were more pooped out than the girls. Chasing two 2-year-olds while strolling along a 6-month-old definitely worked us out pretty good today. I tried vlogging for the first time as well and will share as soon as I get the few clips together.

Til next time,