Good news!

Today was filled with some good news! I met up with the department manager of the unit I submitted an application for and got an offer for a position there. The offer was actually higher than I expected, so I didn’t hesitate to accept. We are one step closer to making the big move and so far, it’s looking good.

As excited as I am to be relocating with my little family, I am also sad about leaving my extended family. I’ve been trying to convince my sisters to move as well, but they still have commitments to follow through with before they can even attempt to move away. The only time I’ve ever really lived away from my family was during college, but even then, I came home pretty frequently to visit.

Honestly, when I think about why my husband and I didn’t make this move sooner, it really boils down to the fact that I was terrified of such a major change. The idea of it was so much easier to map out versus the actual realities of it. This next month is going to be a quite a busy one for us. Keep us in your prayers as we begin this new chapter of our lives. There is quite a long list of our “to-do’s” before we officially move, and I’m praying hard that it’ll be stress free and easy. One of my biggest stressor at this point is selling our home. All I can do is pray that God will guide us in the process and make it a smooth one for us.

With love,