Saturday Brunch!

Happy Saturday! I feel like it’s been awhile since I’ve had a free Saturday! And it’s Easter weekend! Today, I had some of the ladies over for mimosas and a little brunch.

Gotta love the convenience of Costco’s same-day delivery service. I was not going to fight the crowds and drag my two kids to grab groceries and food, so I had Costco deliver us the pinwheel sandwiches along with some other needed grocery items.

We also prepared a little egg hunt for Avery and her cousin, Venice, in the backyard. The girls loved every bit of it! Their baskets weren’t big enough to hold all the eggs so we had them empty their baskets into some bags in order to continue picking up more eggs.

Easter is probably one of Avery’s favorite holidays. She’s still too young to know the true meaning of Easter but we are trying our best to make it an important holiday to her. Of course her favorite part for now is getting baskets full of treats and going on egg hunts!

Saturday’s are not long enough days. And I’m sad that the day is almost over already. That being said, this week seems to not be quite as busy as the past week, so I’m hoping to do a little more blogging. Stay tuned!

With love,


PS, excuse Avery’s puffy left eye. She had an allergic reaction to something yesterday evening while I was at work. She’s gotten some Benadryl and it’s come down a lot, but still a tad puffy. Still figuring out what triggered her reaction.