Feb Favorites! + Life Updates

Now that February is over and done with, I’d thought share some of my favorites from this past month. This is my first time ever sharing my monthly favorites! There have been a few new products/ I’ve tried out this month that I’m definitely loving and wanted to share them. There are also some random baby/kid items that are definitely working for us, which I’ll also be sharing in this post. This is definitely a different blog post from what I’ve been posting, so bear with me.

  1. Wunderbrow in Brunette – $22
    I randomly found this product at CVS and have been seeing it all over social media. There wasn’t a whole lot of shades left so I picked up the shade brunette. It’s a tad light for me, but it works out since I don’t like super dark brows anyways. This stuff is definitely legit. It’s pretty much a waterproof brow gel than gives your brows some color as well. I had to use a separate brow brush to apply it, instead of directly from the brush that’s in it. It definitely is quite waterproof, but comes off easily with makeup remover.
  2. NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Taupe – $10
    Along with the WunderBrow product, I’ve been loving my NYX Micro brow pencil. I prefer to shape my brows with this prior to using the WunderBrow. The brow pencil fills in the little bald spots in my brows better and since the pencil is so exact and small, it does a really great job shaping my brows! I definitely recommend using these two items together! They give you the perfect brows!
  3. Marc Jacobs Le Marc Liquid Crayon in Send Nudes – $26
    I received this product in an Influester voxbox to test out and I’m definitely loving it. It’s a perfect nude with a satin finish that’s not drying. It goes well with a medium skin-toned and once it sets, it doesn’t transfer, which is a major plus for me!
  4. Kirkland Signature Baby Wipes – $19.99
    These have been our go-to baby wipes! You get so much in a box and these last forever! We’ve tried quite a few different brands of wipes from Water Wipes, Pampers Sensitive, Huggies, and Up & Up brands, and the Kirkland Baby Wipes from Costco are still our favorite! They’re moist enough, but not too wet. Plus, they come with a flip-top lids, so the wipes don’t dry out.
  5. GoodNites Underwear in XS – $8.99+
    Avery is mostly potty trained now, but still requires a diapers for nighttime. This girl soaks through EVERY type of diaper because she still wakes up to drink milk/water throughout the night. We have not been able to find any diapers that she doesn’t soak through by morning. These GoodNites underwear have been the closest we’ve found and we have tried quite a few. Plus, my toddler is on the slim/tall side, so most pull-up style diapers don’t fit her well and are too big. These XS size fit her perfectly!
  6. Fawn Design Diaper Backback in Brown – $159.99
    I admit that I have a few too many diaper bags. I’ve gone through a few and sold a few through the years of motherhood. I got the Fawn Design Diaper backpack last year some time after I saw a friend got one at her baby shower. It was one of the cutest and chicest diaper bags I’ve seen! And I was getting tired of my other diaper bag, so I bit the bullet and got the Fawn Design diaper bag in the brown color. I had put it away for some time after Shane was born because as much as I loved it, I thought my Jujube BFF was more functional for our needs at the time. I then realized after a few weeks of using the BFF that it just didn’t have enough space for two kids. I’m an over packer, and as much as I initially loved using the BFF, I wasn’t satisfied with the space. So, I pulled out my Fawn Design bag to use again this past month and I’m back to loving it! The internal space fits everything I need.


Life Updates:

Please excuse my brief absence. We’ve all been battling some illness that’s been going around here and I definitely caught it badly. I don’t think I’ve been this sick in a long, long time. Thankfully, Shane is feeling much better and back to his happy self. Praying he doesn’t catch something else, especially from me! Avery was also feverish all day yesterday, but is feeling better today. Jeff seems to be holding up okay throughout these past few days that I’ve been sick, and I’m so glad! I don’t know how else I would function without him. I’m finally coming around and feeling much better than I have been the past few days. My sore throat is now tolerable and I still have a little cough, but no more fever and I have some energy back.

Tomorrow, I will be taking Shane in for a follow-up appointment. He should be almost done with his antibiotics. And get this, Shane turns six months in two days! Where has time gone? And Avery turns 3 in two more months. My babies are growing way too fast! I need to get on it with planning Avery’s birthday. We’re thinking a “Princess” theme per Avery’s request! I’ll share some ideas I found on Pinterest and if I happen to do any DIYs, I’ll keep you all posted.


Til next time,