Hike: Mount Rubidoux

As mentioned on my instagram, I’m making a big effort to be more physically active, lose the baby weight, and be healthier all around. That being said, I really wanted to go on a hike while we were in Riverside for the week.

All the times that we’ve been here, we’ve never gone hiking. We hear about other people’s hiking trips, but we’ve always passed up the opportunities. This time, we did it!

Mount Rubidoux is next to downtown Riverside. It’s roughly a 2 mile hike on a laced road. There are two trails, one shorter with more incline, and the other that is less of an incline but a longer route. The trail ranges from 2.3-2.7 miles depending on which routes you decide on taking. We went with the higher incline and shorter distance.

Reaching the top was such an accomplishment! Of course I had to take photos while up by the cross and the view of downtown Riverside was spectacular!

The hike is definitely worth trying out. It’s easy and not too intense or long. The foot traffic is pretty heavy but the paved path is wide enough to make it not feel congested. I’d recommend hiking early morning when the sun isn’t beating down on you too much because it does get pretty hot.

Stay tuned for more of our adventures!

With love,